Li-ion battery

Slight Adjustment in Process with Identical Materials Prompted More Effective Electrolytes for Solid-State Battery

published 2023 年 07 月 07 日 9:30
An entire differently result becomes possible by adopting an alternative production method using the same materials. US scientists, after slightly adjusting the production method of solid-state li-ion batteries, had altered the initial flaws of battery electrolytes, in the hope of building safer and more efficient solid-state battery technology. ...  more

A Big No on Cobalt Mine Extraction by Child Labor; the US to Research and Develop Cobalt-Free and Low-Nickel Li-Ion Batteries

published 2023 年 07 月 05 日 9:30
Cobalt, a common raw material for cathodes of li-ion batteries, is often implicated with excavation by illegal child labor and human rights. Scientists are also dedicated in building cobalt-free li-ion batteries due to the excessive centralization of the supply chain, where scientist from the US have recently proposed a solution that comprises of a new generation battery that comes with fewer controversies. ...  more

DFP Commences Construction on Phase 2 of Its Battery Separator Project in Jiangsu

published 2023 年 06 月 21 日 9:30
DFP, the leading producer of cigarette packages in China, is accelerating its expansion into the field of Li-ion batteries. On June 3, the company announced that a groundbreaking ceremony had been held to mark the start of construction for the phase 2 of its separator manufacturing base in Yancheng, which is a city in China’s Jiangsu Province. DFP’s subsidiary Bosheng is in charge of the construction and operation of the base. ...  more

Ronbay Technology and EVE Establish Strategic Partnership

published 2023 年 06 月 07 日 9:30
Ronbay Technology announced on May 29 that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with EVE, thereby cementing their partnership in the Li-ion battery industry. The agreement contains three areas for collaborations: ...  more

Huayou Cobalt Completes New Lithium Salt Project in Guangxi

published 2023 年 06 月 06 日 9:30
On May 31, Huayou Cobalt’s wholly-own subsidiary Guangxi Huayou Lithium held a ceremony to mark the completion of a lithium salt project that has production capacity of 50,000 tons per year. The project is the Huayou Cobalt’s first business operation for manufacturing lithium salts in China. Following this event, the project will be undergoing pilot production and equipment calibration. ...  more

Youngy Group to Build Li-Ion Battery Plant in Inner Mongolia

published 2023 年 06 月 02 日 9:30
Youngy Group announced in late May that it has signed a letter of intent with the government of Wuhai. According to the letter, Youngy Group will set up a local base for the manufacturing of Li-ion battery cells and packs. ...  more