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Solar Frontier’s CIS Cells Hit 10% Efficiency, Prototype Modules Installed in Singapore

published: 2015-06-22 18:01

Solar Frontier, the world’s largest CIS thin film solar cell producer, has innovated a new CIS cell with a conversion efficiency as high as 10%. The new product is scheduled to be put on shelves in 2018. A series of prototype ultralight, bendable CIS modules have been installed at a Singapore Terminal Building as a demonstration.

CIS cells with efficiency up to 13%

As a subsidiary of Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K., Solar Frontier has been leading the development of the global CIS solar cell/module technology. The latest CIS solar cell can reach conversion efficiency as high as 13%, making it the only manufacturer that has successfully developed thin-film CIS cells with stable efficiency higher than 10%.

The ultralight, bendable CIS module is 1 meter wide, 1.3 meters long and 1.5mm thin. It weights only 6kg, and is 60% lighter than conventional glass-paved PV modules. Solar Frontier estimates the installation cost will be reduced 30% compared to today’s mainstream PV modules.

The CIS products could be applied for automotive.

Prototype installed at a new Singapore Terminal Building

Solar Frontier and PSA Singapore Terminals has completed the installation of the the CIS thin-film modules prototype at PSA’s newest Terminal Building: Pasir Panjang Terminal Building 3.

The prototype modules were manufactured at Solar Frontier’s Atsugi Research Center in Japan. “Solar Frontier’s prototype modules show the far-reaching potential of our CIS technology. These modules are ultralight, thin and bendable, increasing the ways in which solar energy can be used and opening the way for potential new markets. We thank PSA for the opportunity to jointly-demonstrate what solar energy can do in the future,” said Atsuhiko Hirano, CEO of Solar Frontier.

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