Hulk Energy Technology Enters Into the US Market with High Efficiency CIGS Modules

published: 2015-07-16 17:44 | editor: | category: News

The world’s most powerful green CIGS solar module announced! Taiwan’s Hulk Energy Technology (HULKet) unveiled the HULKet Cigs-3000 Series CIGS thin-film PV modules at Intersolar North America, marking its entrance into the U.S. solar market.

Sized 2.348m2, the Cigs-3000 Series PV module’s conversion efficiency is as high as 14%, while the power output reaches 324W of total area. The 14% conversion efficiency is equal to a 16.8%~18.2% conversion efficiency on monocrystalline PV modules.

It is currently the world’s most efficient CIGS PV module, and the power output has been confirmed by German Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE (Fraunhofer ISE).

Furthermore, Cigs-3000 Series achieves 30% more accumulated power, producing considerably more KWh/KWp, than crystalline silicon (c-Si) modules. This power gain is delivered through the combination of superior spectral responses in terms of both UV and IR light, a lower temperature coefficient, less shading influence, enhanced lower incident, scattered & diffuse light performance, and the positive light soaking effect. In addition, the temperature coefficient of Pmpp is (- 0.23 % /o C) – the lowest record of global commercial solar modules. The average conversion efficiency is 14% in mass production.

"The 'power gain factor' is a vital measurement for all PV modules," commented Brian Sung, founder and President, HULKet. "Regardless of the operating environment, including hotter climates, our Cigs-3000 Series delivers a sizeable power boost when compared to crystalline silicon modules. The consistent power output combined with the green design provides a superior product and investment."

According to HULKet, the average BOS (balance of system) cost for a Cigs-3000 Series module is up to 60% lower than that for three conventional CIGS thin-film PV modules. The reduction in BOS costs is due to using a smaller volume of installed components and materials, such as mounting frames, DC connectors and cable, as well as less labor requirements. The Cigs-3000 Series is competitive with c-Si solar cells in total installation costs, and HULKet is now seeking U.S. distributors.

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