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Langa Group Awards Two Solar Energy Storage Projects to Schneider Electric and Saft

published: 2015-07-24 17:02

Schneider Electric and Saft (collectively “the consortium”) have won two projects from Langa Group to install energy storage systems for two solar power plants in Corsica, France.

The two solar power plants are located on the French island of Corsica. With a nominal solar power of 1MWp and a storage capacity of 1MWh, each plant will produce more than 1,300 MWh per year, in compliance with theCommission de Régulation de l'Energie (CRE) specifications.

The consortium proposed a solution including the design, supply and installation of the equipment, management system, and the maintenance services and met Langa Group’s requirements on these two projects. Solar PV power generation facility will be optimized for the integration of variable solar energy into the island electric grid after being combined with energy storage systems. Energy produced during day times when sun irradiance is at its best can thus be stored in batteries, and redistributed in the evening, during peak times and after sunset

Schneider Electric leads the consortium and will implement its solutions for solar energy and storage: PVBox for solar power conversion, ESBox for battery power conversion, Energy Management System (EMS) for global equipment management and control of Saft batteries, project engineering and services to guarantee the system performance. Schneider Electric is also in charge of the interconnection between the various components of the plants, and with the electric distribution network.

Saft will deploy its energy storage solution Intensium® Max+ 20E for each project. The solution is composed of a lithium-ion battery of around 1MWh in a 20 foot container, which includes thermal and safety management systems as well as the operational battery management through a Battery Management System (BMS), the interface with the Schneider Electric control system.

The contract was signed in June between Langa and the Schneider Electric - Saft consortium, and the two installations will be grid connected by the end of the year.

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