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SCE Seeks an Additional 104.8MW of Renewable Power, 50MW of Solar Included

published: 2015-07-27 18:25

Southern California Edison (SCE) has launched its sixth Renewable Auction Mechanism (RAM) solicitation for renewable electricity as part of its program to procure resources sized between 3 and 20 MW.

In this solicitation, SCE is seeking a total of 104.8 MW, with 54.8 MW meeting the utility’s RAM procurement targets. It also is seeking 50 MW of solar resources to support the launch of SCE’s Green Rate program, which is part of the Green Tariff Shared Renewables program created for SCE, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. and San Diego Gas & Electric. The deadline for submitting offers is Aug. 21.

“Not only are we making progress toward the California Renewables Portfolio Standard goal of delivering 33% renewable power by 2020, but with this solicitation we also intend to provide customers who cannot otherwise install solar on their roof an option to source their energy demands directly from solar resources,” said Colin Cushnie, SCE vice president of Energy Procurement & Management.

The California Public Utilities Commission adopted the Renewables Auction Mechanism program for resources sized between 3 and 20MW in 2011 as the primary procurement tool for system-wide renewable distributed generation to promote competition in the marketplace, encourage development and contribute to the state’s Renewables Portfolio Standard.

In addition to meeting these targets, 50MW from this solicitation will support SCE’s Green Rate program. Eligibility criteria are different, in some respects, for participation in this program. Offers must be for new solar-generating facilities in SCE’s service area that range from 0.5 to 20 MW in size. Environmental justice projects will also be considered.

The green tariff program allows customers, who may not be able to have solar on their roof, to meet 50% or 100% of their electricity demand from solar. The customer pays the difference in the cost to purchase this power. SCE will offer the program to its customers in 2016.

All power purchase agreements will be reviewed and become effective after approval by the utilities commission. Last year, SCE delivered 24% of its energy from renewable resources.

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