The Largest Distributed PV Project in Kunshan China Gets Go-Ahead

published: 2015-08-11 15:34 | category: News

The largest distributed PV project in Kunshan, China, has been approved by the local electricity supply sector and the construction will begin soon. Many Taiwanese manufacturers participated in the project through offering their factory rooftops for installation. Upon completion of the project, it’s expected to generate more than 2,500,000kWh of electricity every year.

Recently, China showed its support towards distributed systems by launching the “Golden Sun Demonstration Project” and giving out subsidies, encouraging households and enterprises to install PV systems on the rooftops. Several Taiwanese manufacturers in Kunshan, such as ASE, Foxconn, and Giant, took part in it, in which, ASE will install a 2.42MW of distributed system, which will be the largest distributed PV project in Kunshan, with the total investment surpassing NT$20 million.

The person in charge of the PV project promotion at Kunshan electricity supply company, Zhouzhen Kai indicated that IVO and Kunshan Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturer Co., Ltd have connected to the grid a 9.99MW rooftop project from 2012 to 2014, urging others to install rooftop systems.

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