Yingli and PWRstation Introduce Quick-Installing PV Solution

published: 2015-09-15 14:22 | editor: | category: News

Yingli Solar and PWRstation partnered to develop the rapidly deployable, activation-ready transportable PV solution, “PRWstation™” GENESIS system. The quick-installing PV solution is now being showcased at Yingli’s booth at the Solar Power International (SPI) 2015 tradeshow in California.

Fully retractable and transportable, PWRstation products are designed for both grid-connected and off-grid projects ranging from 3-100kW. These unique solar solutions are typically installed in less than 30 minutes because they are delivered ready-to-deploy and fully assembled with Yingli Solar panels, wiring, racking, and inverters. Automated deployment can also be included, making activation as simple as the push of a button.

Mr. Robert Albertella, PWRstation Co-Founder and CEO, commented, "With Yingli's support, we can change the way communities go solar and increase access to renewable energy."

PWRstations are ideal for flat rooftop applications as they can be closed to enable routine roof maintenance and repair, or in case of fire or severe weather. They are also effective for temporary PV applications, including large-scale events like world fairs, concerts, and tradeshows, as well as humanitarian relief efforts in crisis situations.

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