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Suntech Unveils New HyPro PV Modules in Partnership with Alternergy

published: 2015-09-22 14:39

Suntech expands its partnership with its UK partner Alternergy, Ltd. while upgrades and introductions new series of PV modules to the market this year. Suntech, via Alternergy, will be supplying its latest model, HyPro series, a new generation PERC solar module, to the UK solar market.

“Despite all the recent negative announcements made by the DECC, we still consider the UK as a primary market for solar PV development,” says Victor Xiong, president of Suntech. “We are excited about the recent, large investment that was made in our new PERC Technology. This particular module, with its output of 285W, will cater mainly the UK residential market.”

The PERC technology is part of Suntech’s new product offering of PV panels that are both cost effective and energy efficient. The HyPro module sustains a higher power output in weak lighting conditions. The module reaches an average mass production cell efficiency of up to 20.5 %, compared to the conventional module which reaches an average production cell efficiency of 19%.

"We have been Suntech’s proud partner in the UK for years and we look forward to adding the new PERC module to our portfolio which will help us meet the solar needs of the UK market,” said Rajiv Bhatia, founder and director of Alternergy.

At peak performance, the PERC HyPro 60-cell module can produce an optimal 290W, whereas the HyPro 72-cell module can produce up to a high 345W. The panel is a four-busbar design, affording the HyPro model a lower probability of micro-cracks and hotspots, while simultaneously offering a lower susceptibility to malfunctions that lead to significant power degradation.

The HyPro model caters to markets such as the UK and Japan that require high efficiency and durability under dynamic solar conditions. The optimal efficiency levels of the panel, which are meant to serve low-lighting markets, will support Alternergy’s efforts to better service the UK market. Each HyPro panel is PID-free and has a 10-year product warranty offered by Suntech.

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