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Wuxi Suntech Releases Progresses in PERC Technology and DG Business

published: 2017-01-12 18:48

China-based solar manufacturer Wuxi Suntech successively released news about business progresses in one day. The company has increased conversion efficiency of its self-made multi-si PERC cells and has entered into a strategic agreement for promoting distributed generation (DG) solar business.

Wuxi Suntech’s highest mass production conversion efficiency of multi-si PERC solar cell has reached 20%, compared with mainstream high-efficiency multi-si cells’ efficiency of 18.4%, and standard mono-si cells’ efficiency of 19.6~19.8%. PV modules assembled by 72 pieces of these cells will have a power output of up to 330W, up from 315W of mainstream multi-si modules.

In the meantime, the Hydrogenation technology which was co-developed by Wuxi Suntech and Australia UNSW can decrease the LID (light induced degradation) rate of the multi-si PERC cells to zero.

On April 2015, Wuxi Suntech launched its first high-efficiency mono-si PERC solar module "HyPro" to the market and on June 2016, the highest cell conversion efficiency reached 21.3%.

Partnership with Goodwe

Wuxi Suntech and Jiansu-based PV inverter company Goodwe signed a strategic partnership to co-develop DG solar projects on January 11.

Goodwe has delivered its PV inverters for customers around the world for installing with residential, commercial and poverty-alleviation projects. Its PV inverters are also compatible with energy storage systems.

By combing Wuxi Suntech’s and Goodwe’s advantages, the two companies will partner to promote their DG business.

(Photo: Representatives from Wuxi Suntech and Goodwe are signing the agreement. Source: Wuxi Suntech)

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