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Panasonic Canada to Build Homes with PV and Energy Storage Solution in Ontario

published: 2015-10-05 18:07

Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada and Royalpark Homes signed to build homes with its Residential Energy Storage Solution as part of new home construction in the premiere community of Simcoe Shores in Barrie, Ontario. The Simcoe Shores homes in Barrie will be Panasonic Canada’s first homes with the “Residential Solar PV + Battery Storage Systems” built in the region.

“The addition of a 10-kWh capacity battery storage system offers our customers a glimpse into the future of energy management and prepares them to have power in cases of blackouts or outages, and can provide substantial savings on their electricity bills,” said Marco Di Simone, President of Royalpark Homes.

Panasonic’s Residential Energy Storage Solution allows homeowners to capture solar energy in a versatile energy storage solution so that they can choose their power source and manage their energy consumption in addition to providing an additional layer of energy security during power outages. The Simcoe Shores homeowners will enjoy benefits include clean energy source, lower electricity bills, monitoring systems for remotely controlling the device, and better management of the cost of energy.

The System uses a hybrid inverter that allows electricity to be stored from the grid or solar PV system – it then allows homeowners to access a portion of the electricity generated to power the home or sell the excess back to the grid if the home and battery don't require it.

“This is a revolutionary step forward for sustainable living, marking the next phase in residential solar energy because for the first time homeowners will now have the freedom and ability to manage their own electricity generation and consumption,” said Walter Buzzelli, Managing Director at Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada Inc.

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