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SFCE Unveils Integrated Clean Energy Solution for Hong Qiao School

published: 2015-10-27 11:33

Shunfeng International Clean Energy (SFCE) and Hong Qiao International School in Shanghai (HQIS) together unveiled the completion of an integrated clean energy system for the school. The comprehensive solution combines BIPV and other technologies so that the school will be able to cut energy costs by a half as well as reduce carbon emissions by two-thirds.

The HQIS exemplifies how clean energy solutions integrate with buildings for retrofitting the building to reduce its energy costs as well as carbon footprints. SFCE has comprised its subsidiaries’ technologies including BIPV, Nobao ground source heat pump (GSMP) heating, cooling and hot water system, high-efficiency LED lighting system and a meteocontrol smart monitoring system for the HQIS project.

The project has a 20-year energy management contract signed with SFCE. Upon the completion, the system will enable the school to reduce energy costs by 50% and minimize its carbon footprint by more than 66%.

Rebecca Zipprich, the school's principal says, "The BIPV system implemented generates solar power, the use of LED products greatly reduce electricity consumption for lighting, while the ground source heat pump system meets our heating, cooling and hot water needs. These green energy-saving designs and technologies, enable the children to pay more attention to the environment, and empower them to believe that we have the ability to make the world to a better place."

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