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Two Directions for Alternative Energy Policies for China’s “Thirteenth Five-year Plan”

published: 2015-11-04 17:31

The China central government publishes a document “Suggestions for the Thirteenth Five-year Plan” (briefly, “the Plan”) on its government-owned media, Xinhua News Agency. Regarding issues about the development of alternative energy and relevant policies, the document unveils two directions:

  • To support development of “green industries”: the Plan shall support traditional industries transforming sustainable as well as establishing eco-friendly, low-carbon, and recyclable industrial systems through encouraging upgrade of technologies and manufacturing equipment. The Plan shall also help establish fund for green financing institutes and for green developments.
  • To develop low-carbon emission transportation: the Plan shall turn the public transport into green, eco-friendly and low-carbon emission transit ways by improving rail transit systems, and so. The Plan shall also involve in promotions for electric vehicles powered by new energy resources, and promotions for related EV industry upgrade.

According to the document published on Xinhua News Agency, the main target of the Plan is to build a new China that is creative, harmonic, sustainable, open and shared.

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