Show Me the Credit Card! ABB Offers More Payment Options for DC Fast Charger

published: 2015-11-06 15:56 | editor: | category: News

ABB, a manufacturer of dual-outlet DC fast charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs), has announced an easily integrated credit card payment option that can be added to new or existing Terra 53 DC fast charging stations. With this station enhancement, drivers can pay for their charging sessions whether they have a network membership, or are roaming outside of their local region.

Membership-based payment systems have distinct advantages for electric vehicle drivers in terms of local convenience, incentives, and reliable charging management across a region, while a credit card or smartphone payment system allows drivers to charge their EVs whenever they need it. Sunspeed Enterprises, a Bay Area infrastructure provider, is leveraging credit card payment methods for EV charging services by developing a network of chargers in the Area.

"The flexibility of a generic credit card reader is critical for Sunspeed's business serving EV tourism,” stated Richard Sachen, Founder and CEO of Sunspeed. “New drivers have trouble managing multiple network memberships. With thousands of new EV drivers every month, offering the simple credit card swipe that they are used to is a convenience they appreciate."

"There are parallels for EV charging and the early mobile phone industry. Privacy and coverage issues were very frustrating for users who traveled outside of their home region,” noted Andy Bartosh, Director of ABB's Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure business for the Americas. “Developing better roaming solutions helped spur growth of mobile device use. Today, drivers know they can use a charger even if they don't have the right membership card, relying on a credit card or smart phone transaction to get them to their next destination."

"The global demand for the most common payment methods continues to grow as business models mature and the everyday user wants to use the payment solution they are familiar with," added Joost Van Abeelen, ABB's Global Director of Connected Services. "ABB has charging stations with credit card payment terminals around the world."

EMV smart chip technologies offer the contactless payment option that keeps users financial data more secure. Near Field Communication (NFC) payments also allow drivers extra security through their smart phone payment platforms such as Apple Pay or Android Pay. These features are both incorporated in ABB's credit card reader option.

"A significant percentage of EV drivers are early adopters of technology, and more are demanding smart phone payment systems that offer both convenience and contactless security," Bartosh added.

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