Solar Farm Delivers High Returns in 2016: Innovative Solar Systems

published: 2016-01-04 17:53 | editor: | category: News

Utility-scale solar project developers Innovative Solar Systems, LLC (ISS), based in NC, USA, regards 2016 as a more profitable year for solar farm owners and developers due to the extended Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The extension of ITC enables solar investors to receive high returns. ISS spokesperson therefore announced to seek raise capital to expand corporate operations.

The following is the entry:

ISS is considered one of the most trusted solar developers in the country. The company uses the best technology in all of its projects to ensure its solar farm facilities will last with minimum maintenance for as long as possible.  In addition, ISS has more projects in its pipeline than any other developer in the industry. The extension of the Investment Tax Credits (ITC) will enable investors in utility scale solar farms to continue to receive high returns, with the potential of 30% to 50% over a period of 12-18 months if partnered with a qualified developer like ISS. These returns can be obtained mainly because ISS is an experienced developer, but also because of the reliability of ground mount solar PV systems, some of which are built to operate for upwards of 40 years.

Solar Farm project development is complicated. There are particularities to each Utility Company, each Regional Transmission Operator (RTO) and/or each State and County. For that reason, there is an increased risk associated with early-stage development. Over the past 5 years, ISS has developed over 520MWac of projects in the US. Investment groups seeking to invest in early-stage development for higher returns should strongly consider an ISS partnership. ISS is looking for partners to invest anywhere from $5M to $100M for the early-stage developments in 2016.

However, a solar farm operating with minimal maintenance over a 40 year span is a very attractive source of stable income. As a result, this has spurred an interest from investors to buy solar projects at the Commercial Operation Date (COD) stage, thus eliminating any risks associated in the development and construction stages.  ISS has a large pipeline of projects with over 2GW of projects currently under development, and is expected to increase to over 5GW in the next 12-36 months. For this reason, ISS is also seeking financial partners that will invest from $1Bill to $5Bill for the construction financing of many of the company's project pipeline.

Solar energy, and other types of clean renewable energy are decreasing our country's carbon footprint and strengthening the reliability of the power grid in the US and now with the extension of the Investment Tax Credits this industry will continue to flourish.  An investment in ISS is a win/win for all interested parties.  ISS will be able to become a major player in the industry and the investor will have the ability to gain full access to ISS projects as well as receive and attractive rate of return over the period of its investment.

For more information and to learn about this financial or partnership opportunity, please call ISS CEO John Green, directly at (828) 215-9064 or e-mail

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