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Enphase Energy, Nautilus Solar Energy, Announce Collaboration for Distributed Solar

published: 2016-02-15 17:58

Energy technology company Enphase Energy announced a new collaboration with Nautilus Solar Energy, a U.S.-based solar firm that ensures full solar solutions including development, funding, execution, management, financial consultant for distributed solar generation systems. The collaboration will combine Asset Management services for both companies’ distributed generation (DG) customers in the U.S.

America’s solar segment is expected to continue growing over the following years, and DG systems will play an important role in the nation’s solar market. Both Enphase Energy and Nautilus Solar Energy recognize maintenance as key for increase the system owners’ and their stakeholders’ returns on investment (ROI), so that they collaborate for entering into the asset management solution market.

Enphase Energy leads efforts to streamline solar PV asset management and operations and maintenance for many installations through its division, Next Phase Solar. Currently, Next Phase Solar offers asset management services for more than 1GW of solar projects.

"Nautilus and Enphase are clear on the opportunity and the need - the solar market is ready for stronger collaboration. Better collaboration will fill the gaps around Asset Management, improve project return, increase the productive life span and dramatically improve a projects long term viability," said Martin Rogers, Vice President of Worldwide Customer Service and Support, Enphase Energy.

Through the collaboration, both entities will leverage their expertise to provide a full suite of seamless asset management services for DG customers throughout the United States. On one hand, Nautilus will provide operational and/or financial asset management services; on the other hand, Enphase will provide physical asset management services.

"This partnership will provide a one-stop shop of interdependent asset management services for an underserved market. These services can offer solar stakeholders a significant opportunity to increase their ROI," said Jim Rice, Nautilus Solar Energy's CEO.

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