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SolarCity Launches Smart Energy Home Solution for Hawaiians

published: 2016-02-25 17:45

Hawaiian solar users are now accessible to SolarCity’s new Smart Energy Home solution that combines solar PV, battery storage, smart electric water heaters and the Nest Nest Learning Thermostat™. With the solution, residential users will be able to enjoy solar electricity all-day long.

Nest Learning Thermostat™ is the center controller of the smart energy home solution. By controlling the battery, water heater, thermostat and inverter, the new service maximize solar PV generation and self-consumption. During the day, batteries will store excess electricity generated from the solar PV systems; during the night, the batteries will be the power supplier to the home. Likely, the dynamically-controlled smart electric water heater uses solar PV to heat water during the day and store it for later use in the home.

“Altogether, the Smart Energy Home uses the battery, smart electric water heater and controllable Nest Learning Thermostat ™ to automatically modify energy usage based on how much solar power is available to prevent energy from being exported back to the grid,” said SolarCity.

Customers can choose system sizes and the combination of technology depending on their own energy usage, making the solution more flexible.

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