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JinkoSolar Unveils New All-Black Polycrystalline Module at PV Expo 2016, Japan

published: 2016-03-04 17:58

JinkoSolar announced that it has unveiled its Eagle Black module series at PV Expo in Tokyo, Japan. The Eagle Black series consists of all black poly modules, available in 60-cell and 72-cell versions, with maximum outputs of 280watts and 330watts respectively. The Eagle Black is one of the most powerful and aesthetically pleasing all-black poly modules on the market. 
The improved power delivered by Eagle Black is due to the adoption of a nano-scale etched technology, where the silicon wafer is etched with nano-scale pores. These nano-sized holes and the silicon walls are smaller than the light wavelengths hitting them. This, as a result, minimizes reflectivity and enables an incredibly high light absorption of 99.7%, compared to 95% for conventional modules. The angular dependence of the reflection from black silicon is also much smaller. The wafer has a wider wavelength absorption capability, meaning that the Eagle Black’s performance is increased when the sun hits at an angle during the morning and afternoon hours. It also outperforms standard cell panels on cloudy days. The combination of antireflection and better low light performance enables JinkoSolar’s Eagle Black module to produce more energy throughout the day, and the entirety of its lifetime. 
Inclusive of a black back sheet and black-frame, the Eagle Black is uniformly designed with black cells creating a sleek and sophisticated looking module. With performance classes of up to 275 Wp (black sheet), the module combines power with beauty and integrates perfectly on roofs with the most challenging aesthetic requirements. It is the perfect solution for roof-top installations and BAPV (building-applied PV) applications where productivity, design and aesthetics are key. The company also offers a white back sheet option of maximum output 280watts, ideal for utility installations. 
"We are proud to introduce the, highly aesthetic and powerful Eagle Black module," said Dany Qian, VP of JinkoSolar."The Eagle Black uses our leading black silicon cell technology, which breaks the record for output of commercialized poly modules. Launching these new products, once again demonstrates our efforts to apply and commercialize our advanced cell technology to high efficiency modules.” 

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