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Verengo Solar Reaches 100MW Milestone

published: 2016-04-18 16:56

Verengo announced that its rooftop solar system installation has exceeded 100 megawatts (MW) since the company’s founding in 2007. By creating new platforms for growth through turnkey partnerships with new home builders and other companies involved in energy efficiency, Verengo reached the 100MW milestone, noted CEO Dan Squiller. Other growth drivers include new advances in system design, permit streamlining and expansion of financing options, Squiller added.

"Verengo is increasingly working with home builders, clean technology suppliers, financial services companies and other third party and EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) originators in the residential real estate market," Squiller added.

A recent survey of the San Diego area found the average rooftop PV installation (5.5KW) should pay for itself in just 8 years. In 20 years, owners who paid cash could save over $26,000, and owners who paid with a loan at 5% interest could save more than $20,000. Homeowners who did a zero down lease for their panels instead of purchasing saved more than $17,000.

"That's an average of $1,000 a year without including tax credits and home value appreciation. With current prices it's hard for business leaders and homeowners to justify notmaking this kind of clean energy investment," Squiller said.

"From day one we have been committed to serving our customers by providing a quality installation saving them money," Squiller concluded. "100 megawatts of PV solar installations is a remarkable milestone and reflects the company's long track record of surpassing customer expectations."
Source: Solardaily

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