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Scorpius Trackers Offers 25% Generation-Boom Solution to Asia and the World

published: 2016-04-22 17:51

India-based solar tracking solution provider Scorpius Trackers (Scorpius) successfully installed a new solar PV plant in Japan by its unique solar tracking solution, ramping up its global portfolio of construction and design to 300 sets. With the patented maintenance free Frictionless Pivots and Composite Polymer Bearings, projects utilizing Scorpius’ products can enhance power generation by up to 25%.

It costs higher in Japan, a country that has a scarcity of land, to construct solar PV systems. Scorpius suggests the PV project developer to use its “Daily Tilt from North to South Tracker,” which is especially designed for the Japanese market depending on the nation’s special environmental conditions and situation at high latitude, to enhance the total power generation by 18~25% as well as reduce LCOE by 10% or above.

With the patented design and structure, Scorpius’ PV trackers require less maintenance than traditional mounting systems and some of its competitors. Additionally, the installation costs per kWh will be reduced because the solution enables higher power generation per kW of installation. The payback on tracker investment therefore can be less than in three years, while the IRR increase of overall project can surpass 3%.

The new project completed near Osaka, Japan marks Scorpius’ new step into the Asian as well as the global market, strengthening its client base in a country outside of India, Africa, USA, and the Middle East.

Scorpius has always maintained a keen focus on innovation and technology as its key differentiator. The trackers have features more than the mentioned mechanism – they are combined with Wi-Fi and cloud-based predictive maintenance. The company’s in-house facilities and instrumentation enable research, validation and testing.

In recognition of its contribution to the solar energy industry, Scorpius was awarded “Solar Trackers Company of the Year 2015” at the 5th Global Solar EPC Summit.

“We remain bullish about solar tracking as the only proven and bankable technology,” said Says Shailesh Vaidya, Co-Founder & CEO – Scorpius Trackers. “We have robust growth plans to expand manufacturing capacity to supply 500 MW, with an enhancement possible up to 1000 MW, by the year 2017.”

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