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Zeversolar and SMA Collaborate to Present PV Inverters at SNEC 2016 in Shanghai

published: 2016-05-20 18:40

The Chinese government has been prompting different PV applications with scales ranging from kilowatts to megawtts. To meet requirement from various kinds of PV systems, the world’s leading PV inverter manufacturer SMA, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Zeversolar, have jointly launched a wide series of inverters and will showcase them at this year’s SNEC tradeshow in Shanghai, China.

Zeversolar’s string PV inverters, which are applicable for PV systems from 1kW to 50kW, can be used for middle- to large-scale PV systems, and commercial/residential rooftop projects. They are also suitable for projects developed as poverty alleviation PV projects, agricultural/fishery-integrated PV projects, or projects developed in terrain territories.

Zeversolar’s Zeverlution Pro 50K will be in the spotlight at Zeversolar and SMA’s booth. The Zeverlution Pro 50K can be used for low-voltage (380/400V) distributed, small-scale PV systems as well as high-voltage (10kV and plus) middle- to large-scale PV power plants. It can be interconnected with smart grids, and allows inputs from up to 10 AC strings. Furthermore, Zeverlution Pro 50K features MPPT tracking technology, monitoring function, and the first anti-PID technology in the Chinese PV industry.

Zeverlution Pr 50K.

SMA will exhibit four major PV inverter products:

  • MW Power Station for large-scale solar power plants
  • Sunny Tripower 60 for large-scale commercial/ground-mounted solar power plants
  • Sunny Tripower 20000/25000TL for PV systems ranging from kilowatts to megawatts
  • Sunny Island with smart management function that is suitable for off-grid PV systems

Please visit SMA and Zeversolar at booth E7-258 at SNEC 2016 in Shanghai, China.

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