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Solar Frontier’s 150MW Capacity Tohoku Plant Starts Production

published: 2016-06-01 16:31

Solar Frontier, a Japan-based CIS solar module manufacturer, has officially commenced commercial production at its 150MW Tohoku Plant in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. CIS panels produced in the Tohoku Plant will have higher power output, and the producing costs will be lowered.

The Tohoku Plant will deliver a new line of CIS solar panels with power output up from 180W, or 15% conversion efficiency. The new panels will have improved water drainage and will be easier to install.

150MW of 180W+ CIS panels means 830,000 solar panels. These panels are able to generate electricity for approximately 33,000 average Japanese households, stated Solar Frontier.

When producing the new line of CIS panels, capital expenditure will be reduced by approximately 30%, representing costs requirement of two-third the investment and manpower per megawatt. The new Plant also requires only one-third the time to manufacture a CIS solar panel. These features bring the Tohoku Plant to world-class production costs levels.

The Tohoku Plant was announced in December, 2013 and was completed constructed in April 2015. After ramping up the newly installed production lines, Solar Frontier now can manufactures CIS panels with the same grade and higher compared to the Kunitomi Plant, which has a 900MW production capacity.

As the products are ready for sale, CIS panels delivered from Tohoku Plant will be available starting from this summer in Miyagi, and to other areas in Japan.

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