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REI Achieves Net-Zero Facility with 2.2 MW Rooftop Solar Installation

published: 2016-06-15 16:55

Blue Oak Energy has completed a2.2 MW rooftop solar installation atop REI’s, a U.S.’s national specialty outdoor retailer, new distribution center in Goodyear, Arizona. The solar system will offset 100% of the facility’s power consumption, helping REI reach a net zero operation.

“We’ve built a tremendous relationship with REI, installing more than 25 systems at REI locations across the nation,” says Tobin Booth, CEO of Blue Oak Energy. “For this latest installation, we once again joined forces with REI, staying by their side every step of the way to offer expertise and provide guidance on the building’s energy production, costs and financial returns to ultimately help them reach their ambitious environmental goals.”

Blue Oak Energy has built a total of 5.4MW of solar projects for REI across the country. With Blue Oak Energy’s high requirement for quality of PV devices to be utilized, PV systems built by the company are guaranteed by reliable performance and high return of investment.

“REI’s ambitious net-zero energy distribution center is a landmark project and houses one of the largest rooftop solar arrays in Arizona,” says Kirk Meyers, Sustainability Manager at REI. “We are thrilled to continue our relationship with the Blue Oak Energy team. Their ongoing partnership is representative of what it takes to complete complex energy projects like this.”

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