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PV Installations in Chile Exceed 1.2GW

published: 2016-06-23 15:57

PV installation capacity in Chile keeps growing stably. A new report from Chilean renewable energy research institute (CIFES) reveals that Chile added 104MW of solar in this May, and the nationwide installation capacity has reached 1,217MW by the end of May.

As PV Tech reports, Chile had 1,897MW of solar under construction, 11,621MW with environmental approvals and 6,493MW awaiting qualification also by the end of May. The sum of all PV projects mentioned above goes to 20GW.

It has been reported that, in Chile, some solar PV and wind developers are experiencing curtailment of their energy production in the country’s north central regions. However, PV Tech cited Carols Finat, executive director of the Chilean Renewable Energy Association, that “developers would have accounted for curtailment in their business plans.” Some of them continue their construction and are waiting for the connection between the country’s north and central grids.

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