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Ciel et Terre Shows Floating PV Solution at Intersolar

published: 2016-07-13 19:07

France-based Ciel et Terre is the world’s leader in floating PV solutions. The company exhibits patented technology Hydrelio® at Intersolar North America as an official promotion to its floating technology in the U.S.

Hydrelio® was created in 2011 and has been underwent a series of updates. The platform allows standard solar PV modules to be installed on large man-made bodies of water. Because of the cooling effected from water, floating solar systems are proved to generate more electricity than systems installed on lands or rooftops. Furthermore, Ciel et Terre's innovative floating system conserves the reservoirs' water by reducing evaporation and limiting algae growth.

This feature also convinces PV developers in Japan, Korea, China, UK and Brazil using Ciel et Terre’s solution and build PV projects on water surface. So far, Ciel et Terre has supplied Hydrelio® for over 170,000 solar panels, totaling nearly 44MW, to float above water.

Ciel et Terre has created two pilot programs in the U.S. in partnership with The University of Central Florida, in which the University installed a 5kW floating system on the campus’ retention pond, and Kunde Family Winergy.

At Intersolar North America, Ciel et Terre showcased that the Hydrelio® system manufactured in Atlanta, GA can now accommodate installations up to 60-cell and 72-cell modules to better answer the US market demand.

(Photo Credit: Ciel et Terre)

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