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LG’s Flagship NeON PV Modules Soon be Available

published: 2016-07-13 18:46

LG Electronics’ (LG’s) flagship N-type, double-sided 72-cell NeON™ solar panels will be available starting from this month.

NeON™ series is designed for commercial and large-scale installations on basis of LG’s 60-cell NeON 2 modules. With the N-type technology and bifacial cells, the series models LG365N2W-G4, LG370N2W-G4 and LG375N2W-G4 are able to deliver output ranging from 365~375W in a 6.41- by 3.28-footpanel.

"LG's NeON 2 72-cell panels are the perfect solution for commercial and utility scale installation projects looking for a highly efficient solar energy solution without compromising their roof or green space," said David Chang, U.S. head of sales for LG Solar. "These panels combine LG's signature sleek design with the newest technology on the market to provide businesses an attainable solar solution for long-term cost savings."

The double-sided structure allows the light reflected from the rear of the module to be absorbed, generating more power than traditional modules.

The new module products will be available in the U.S. market since their debut in Intersolar 2016 in San Francisco.

Other exhibitions

LG also showcases NeON 2, NeON 2 Black, NeON 2 BiFacial and other classic products at the tradeshow.

NeON 2 and NeON 2 Black solar panels were both launched in 2015 and feature LG’s “CELLO” technology, which utilizes circular-shaped wires to scatter light for better absorption while reducing the electrical loss and increasing power output and reliability by spreading the current with 12 thin wires rather than the traditional three busbars. Both models are ideal for residential applications.

LG also offers 12-year warranty for its N-type PV modules. The company guarantees that annual degradation of 72-cell modules will be reduced from -0.7% to -0.6% per year.

(Photo taken at PV EXPO 2016 by EnergyTrend)

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