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OXIS Energy Improves its Lithium Sulfur Cell Technology

published: 2016-10-05 17:09

OXIS Energy Ltd of the UK has successfully tested at over 400Wh/kg its Li-S development cell. This significant advancement comes as a result of the OXIS scientific team's work on increasing gravimetric energy density of its new ultra-light cell chemistry which it has been focused on since 2013.

The latest achievement is due directly to OXIS's collaboration with those European chemical corporations specializing in state of the art battery materials, such as conductive carbons, polymer binders and electrolyte additives. The Joint Development Agreements entered into with these companies has allowed OXIS to advance the energy density through the creation of new Li-S material formulations.

In addition, it's fair to say, this latest achievement also reflects the valuable contribution that OXIS's collaboration with world class European manufacturers has garnered.

Huw Hampson-Jones, CEO of OXIS Energy says: "OXIS along with its cohorts in the chemical industry and European manufacturers has propelled the advancement of the Li-S technology at a pace that was hard to envisage only a short time ago.  Such is our accomplishment, that the cells are already being deployed for testing for vehicle demonstration and development.  Subject to continuing scientific progress, the significance of 400Wh-kg means that the ability to eliminate distance anxiety for consumers will become a reality as well as the eventual replacement of fossilized fuel vehicles."

Chief Technology Officer, Dr. David Ainsworth stated "It is becoming more and more apparent that the OXIS Research & Development team of international scientists is emerging as the world's foremost center of excellence for the development, design and the production of world class Li-S cell technology."

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