China to Moderate FiT Cut for Distributed Generation Systems

published: 2016-10-26 10:28 | editor: | category: News
China’s National Development and Reform Commission started to gather ideas again for 2016 feed-in tariff (FiT) in October. After considering the views of all sides, the new FiT for distributed generation (DG) will be increased. The minimum FiT price would be RMB 0.35/kW.
The new FiT price for DG for all three resource areas will be adjusted upward. Here is the initial plan: RMB 0.35/kW for type I/II areas and RMB 0.40/kW for type III area.
The new FiT price for DG concluded in September is as follow: RMB 0.2/kW for type I area, RMB 0.25/kW for type II area, and RMB 0.3/kW for type III area. It’s nearly a 40% drop compared to current subsidies, triggering public outcry. 
On the other hand, the new FiT prices for ground-mounted power plants remain unchanged from September: RMB 0.55/kW for type I area, RMB 0.65/kW for type II area, and RMB 0.75/kW for type III area, a 31%, 26%, and 23% drop, respectively, from current subsidies. 
The application deadline for next year’s subsidies is not yet announced. According to EnergyTrend’s understanding, the deadline may be in late-June or late-September 2017. However, it’s not confirmed until China announces officially.
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