FSP Launches Energy Storage Solutions for Distributed PV Generation Systems

published: 2016-11-09 18:16 | editor: | category: News

Distributed solar generation (DG) systems can fulfill power demand close to where they are built to strengthen the electricity accessibility of traditional power infrastructure. This feature has been winning DG systems with attractions in global solar markets. Taiwan-based power supply company, FSP Group, therefore launched new residential-use PV energy storage solutions to improve quality and reliability of solar power.

The newly introduced BattMate & BattMate plus solar-integrated energy storage systems that use lead-acid battery technology, which helps overcome price challenge caused by Lithium-ion battery. BattMate offers AC & PV dual input, plug & play, fanless cooling and portable design. BattMate plus integrated BattMate & battery box to be all-in-one system.

BattMate & BattMate plus can supply four hours back-up times for a 70W refrigerator, an 80W TV, a 46W fan and three pcs fluorescent lamps when connecting to 24V65Ah lead-acid battery. Such feature makes them a good choice for households or residents living in remote places without power access.

FSP firstly introduced these two solutions in Indonesia, where enjoys rich solar resources. The energy storage solutions can be back-up power to replace diesel generator and avoid power shortage & unstable.

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