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JA Solar Starts Construction for its PV Wafer and Cell Plants in Vietnam

published: 2016-11-30 16:09

JA Solar is expanding its production lines in Vietnam. On November 29th 2016, the company announced to begin the construction for the 1.5GW wafer plant in Vietnam. The plant is expected to be completed within three years.

On November 26th 2016, JA Solar started the construction for its 88-hectare PV cell plant in KCN Quang Chau, Bac Giang, Vietnam. The initial investment is US$ 320 million and the total investment is US$ 1 billion. The plant is also expected to be completed in three years.

JA Solar also began the construction for its 1.5GW wafer plant at KCN Quang Chau on November 29th. The wafer plant covers an area of 20 hectares, with the total investment reaching US$ 280 million. This will take three years to finish as well. Once the two projects are completed, a vertically-integrated industrial chain will be formed. They will be able to supply to global markets like Europe and the US, while avoiding trade barriers at the same time.

JA Solar didn’t disclose other details related to the wafer plant’s capacity, but the wafer plant will create 3,000 jobs during the construction period. Once they start to run the plant, revenue of US$ 5 billion will be generated every year.

“Bac Giang of Vietnam has provided great help to JA Solar’s investment and factory set up. Building production sites in Vietnam can also strengthen our company’s strategic deployment in the world as well as the emerging markets,” said Baofang Jin, Executive Chairman and CEO of JA Solar.

This September, JA Solar has voluntarily withdrawn from the EU limited price agreement. The company indicated back then they will use their capacities from third-party countries to supply to the European markets. Aside from Vietnam, JA has nearly 1GW of PV cell capacity in Malaysia. 

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