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Romeo Power Expands to New EV Battery Pack Manufacturing Facility in Southern California

published: 2017-03-01 17:35

Romeo Power (www.romeopower.com), the southern California company, that designs and manufactures electric vehicle battery packs is an undeniable energy powerhouse.

Launched last year by renowned tech innovators Michael Patterson and Porter Harris, the demand for its powerful EV Battery packs continues to grow. To accommodate the growing demand, Romeo Power has expanded their manufacturing capabilities just outside of Los Angeles to the city of Vernon, CA. Romeo Power is the first US company to manufacture battery packs for the electric vehicle markets in North America and Europe.

"We are innovating in design, thermal management and materials to push electric vehicles to the next level, our high-energy density packs increase performance and range, helping auto makers win market share, Our modular gravimetric energy density exceeds 225 Wh/kg with volumetric energy density at or over 390 Wh/L". – Michael Patterson, Founder of Romeo Power.

Romeo Power's battery packs are optimized to outperform other battery systems on the EV market today. Its new facility is 113,000 square feet, where it manufactures battery packs ranging in size from 1 kWh to 1 MWh.

"Our new factory is a full service facility, encompassing research and development, engineering, testing and manufacturing under one roof.  It will enable up to 8 GWh of energy storage production on a single shift and produce a high mix of customer solutions utilizing a common manufacturing recipe to unlock industry-leading production pricing." – Mark Schwager, Chief Production Officer of Romeo Power

The expansion supports the electric vehicle market as major auto manufacturers are introducing over 50 new electric vehicle models by 2020. The expansion also creates jobs in Southern California as Romeo Power is hiring an additional 200 manufacturing personnel in 2017. The new research & development team includes a world-class testing lab complete with extensive, vibe, shock, thermal cycling, high power cycling, safety testing and cell level characterization and testing. The company is engaged to design and produce for several tier 1 OEM's. In all, Romeo Power expects to be at 1 GWh of capacity by the end of 2017 on a single shift and quadruple its capacity in 2018 and then double again by the end of 2019.

"Romeo Power is committed to engineering and manufacturing the most advanced, safest and cost effective battery and energy systems in the world. Romeo Power supports technology that advances humanity and humanitarian efforts globally, bringing access to clean and sustainable energy to all." – Porter Harris, Co-Founder of Romeo Power

Romeo Power's founders have a track record for success. Founder and CEO Michael Patterson is a seasoned tech entrepreneur who has founded, grown and scaled numerous successful tech ventures. Before launching Romeo Power, he founded InAuth, acquired by American Express, Smobile Systems, acquired by Juniper; and FedCel, acquired by Profitline. 

Co-Founder and CTO Porter Harris is a renowned battery engineer. Before co-founding Romeo Power, Harris was Chief Battery Architect for Faraday Future, where he designed battery strings for the company's variable platform architecture. At SpaceX, the technology expert spearheaded the development of batteries for the F9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft. He also contributed to the development of the Crew Dragon Spacecraft life support systems.

(Photo: Porter Harris (Co-Founder, CTO) and Michael Patterson (Founder, CEO))

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