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AUO Completes 9.87MW Rooftop Installation at its Lungke Power Plant

published: 2017-03-28 17:47

AUO announced the completion of its Lungke solar power plant on March 23rd 2017. The Lungke solar power plant was developed, constructed, and connected to the grid within one year. PV modules of 9.87MW were installed on the rooftop of the two LCD factories, with an area of 8.5 hectares. They can generate 30,000kWh of electricity everyday, enough to power 3,000 households. 

AUO has a cumulative installation of 66MW in Taiwan by 2016. Michael Tsai, President of AUO, indicated that AUO has the best performance in utility-scale power plants in Taiwan. The company is expecting to complete the construction of 21MW residential and ground-mounted solar power plants before late-2017.
AUO has been investing in green energy since 2008, providing solar PV solutions including modules, factory construction services, and energy management integration platform. After getting the permission to set up Lungke power plant in February 2016, the project development and construction was completed in one year and officially connected to the grid on December 24th 2016.
(Photo Credit: AUO)

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