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China Interconnects the World’s Largest Floating PV Power Plant, 40MW

published: 2017-05-19 17:53

PV generation can be installed in different ways such as to float on water. The world’s largest floating PV power plant has recently been grid connected in Anhui, China with an installation capacity of 40MW.

Sungrow supplied inverters to the 40MW floating PV power plant. Its central inverter SG2500-MV employed in this plant features its integration of the inverter, the transformer and the switchgear, as a turnkey station with lower transportation cost due to its 20-foot containerized design. In addition, the combiner box SunBox PVS-8M/16M-W supplied by Sungrow as well is customized for floating power plants, enabling it to work stably in such environment with high level of humidity and salt spray.

The power plant is based in a subsided area of mining which is flooded due to the rainy weather, and the seriously mineralized water makes this area valueless. Thus, the 40MW floating PV power plant effectively revives this area.

"Introducing cutting-edge technologies to products is what we are always committed to. We continue to offer better products and solutions to customers all over the world," said Professor Renxian Cao, president of Sungrow.

Floating PV systems make full use of water area, reduce evaporation, and prevent euthrophication. Power generation efficiency can also be improved due to the cooling effective.

Japan is one of the pioneers of developing floating PV systems. Several floating PV systems located in Hyogo Prefecture, Osaka, and Chiba prefecture has been grid connected. A 13.7MW system at a dam in Chiba Prefecture is scheduled to be completed in 2017 and will become Japan’s largest one.

China follows this trend, a 1.05MW project in Hubei Prefecture and a 20MW project in Anhui have been completed and started operation.

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