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FSP Launches ION MATE Grid-tied and Off-Grid with energy storage hybrid Systems to Achieve Self-Consumption at Intersolar Europe 2017

published: 2017-06-19 17:07

Intersolar Europe 2017, a global exhibition dedicated to the solar industry, took place from May 31st to June 2nd in Munich Germany. FSP, an energy system manufacturer, will participate in the exhibition again, launching all kinds of PV and energy storage products.

ION MATE is an All-in-One with lithium ion battery (2.6kWh used NMC cells, 3.4kWh used LiFePO4 cells)energy storage system, including an AC charger, a solar charger, an inverter, and wireless monitor and control systems. This allows power collected from roof-top solar modules to be converted to household AC and then be stored. Powered by electricity and/or solar energy can be conducted power management through WiFi as well.

FSP’s ION MATE lithium ion battery energy storage system (Source: FSP)

“In view of Germany’s energy subsidy policies in recent years, there are barely any subsidy advantages for pure grid-connected PV systems, the subsidy for energy storage systems is much higher than grid-connected PV systems,” said Jeffie Huang, senior business development manager of FSP. Therefore, after launching ION MATE off-grid systems last year, FSP introduced grid-tied and off-grid with energy storage, a hybridPV system this year. The advantage of hybrid systems is that in addition to feed-in tariff, the surplus solar energy can be stored just in case power failure or be released during on-peak demand. If PV power supply is insufficient, the system can automatically get power from the grid during off-peak demand, achieving self-consumption and peak load shifting.

In fact, the public power grid also has power outage risks. So when there is power outage, FSP’s hybrid inverter (HySpirit series) rely on its intelligent control, supply AC power uninterrupted. The company picked a battery bank with smaller capacity – ION Rack 2.6kWh version this year. It’s lighter and cost effective, bringing more flexibility option for energy storage.

Moreover, FSP’s EMERGY 1000/3000 energy storage system with higher mobility can be charged by electricity and solar charger, targeting on the log cabin market in the European and US markets. However, the name of EMERGY can bring into full play for its performance and value on the emergency assistance applications, providing more clean and stable pure sinewave compared with diesel engine generators; so that precision medical equipment can operate smoothly.

In order to help the regions or countries with less infrastructure development to fulfill the growing needs of the network and mobile devices, FSP also introduced PV power bank that can be quickly charged through solar energy to powering laptop, tablet PC, or smart phone.

PV power bank for laptops, tablets or smartphones, can be charged via electricity or solar PV (Source:FSP)

(Photo Credit: FSP)

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