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SMA China partners with CMIG New Energy to expand residential PV market in China

published: 2017-06-21 11:09


SMA China signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CMIG New Energy to power the first new energy supply chain interactive service platform in China to expand the residential PV market in China.

The ”Smart Energy Union” press conference was held successfully in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province. It was hosted by China Minsheng Xinguang Co., Ltd, subsidiary of CMIG New Energy. Representatives from government, financial institutions, technical experts as well as more than 300 PV solar service providers were invited to witness the birth of the first interactive platform across the whole PV supply chain.

SMA China, as the key representative of PV inverter suppliers, signed the strategic cooperation agreement with CMIG New Energy on site.As strategic partners, both parties agree to maintain a multi-level communication and take full advantage in information, technology, capital etc. to support each other to expand the residential PV business in China and establish a long-term, stable and sound business cooperation relationship.

"Smart Energy Union", an innovative business model in the Chinese solar market, aims to provide consumers with upgraded products and service, including high-quality inverters and accessories, professional installation guidance,  management and strong financial support, while providing distributors and installers with favourable financing policies, cost competitive and reliable equipment, effective technical training and comprehensive marketing support. Through the platform integration, it optimizes resource allocation so as to create win-win situation for all the players within the industry.

String inverters from SMA China in the residential segment range from 1kW to 10kW and are simple, reliable and affordable. They have been installed widely in China and abroad. With the support from China subsidies for distributed solar PV energy systems, the strategic partnership with CMIG and the introduction of the innovative interactive platform “Smart Energy Union”, SMA China commits itself to serving more residential applications in China PV market.

(Photo: SMA)

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