Nissan to Launch EV Version of its Vehicles as EV Demand Increases

published: 2017-06-30 13:35 | category: News

Nissan will begin to expand its electric vehicle (EV) products, according to Nikkei Report. “We will launch a new type of car called “Leaf.” We will also start to make the current mass produced cars into EV version,” said Hiroto Saikawa, President & Chief Executive Officer of Nissan.

North America and China have strengthened their environmental norms, hoping to commercialize EV further. So far, “Leaf” is the only EV type for Nissan and they are planning to come up with EV versions for its SUV, light and commercial cars.

On the other hand, Carlos Ghosn, Chairman of the Board of Nissan, indicated that Nissan is taking the lead in the EV industry. Their cumulative EV sales have surpassed 600,000 units, tripling from that of Tesla.

Fuji Keizai, a Japanese market research company, announced the sales report on June 22nd. EV demand will increase rapidly after 2025. It’s estimated that EV sales will increase to 4.07 million units in 2030, exceeding the sales for hybrid vehicles (HV). HV sales are expected to reach 3.91 million units in 2030. The sales gap will continue to widen between the two. As Chinese demand increases, global EV sales will expand to 6.30 million units in 2035, which will be 12.4 times that in 2016.

(Photo Credit: Nissan)
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