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India Has Planned to Install Solar Energy Systems at Each Airport Domestically, Expecting to Reach 200MW for Total Energy Generation

published: 2018-01-02 16:10

India has actively developed renewable energy in recent years, especially the development of solar energy. Previously, the long-term project for solar energy has been drafted. Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju planned to install solar energy systems at each airport in India, hoping to generate 200MW of energy in five to six years. The expense is expected to be INR 9 billion (around NTD 4.2 billion).

Through this project, the energy generation for government-owned airports will increase to 90MW, while non-governmental airports can reach 45MW. The target is 200MW.

Let Solar Energy Supply Airports and Ports

In recent years, India has taken a positive attitude toward developing solar energy industry. Because the airports’ roofs have large areas and there are extra lands, India will add airports into the long-term project for solar energy.

In 2015, India has successfully built the first airport in the world to run completely on solar power. By installing the solar energy systems on the roofs, hangars and lands, Cochin International Airport has become a 100% solar-powered airport. Besides lowering the electricity fee, the extra electricity can be sold to Central Grid.

Cochin International Airport plans to build a solar carport of 2.7MW currently. The capacity of solar power will be increased to 24.2MW in separate phases.

India has successfully built the solar plant spread over 70 acres at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, catering to 60% demand of the airport with its 15MW solar power systems.

Meanwhile, India planned to utilize renewable energy to supply power for ports. In 2016, the Ministry of Shipping has released the “Project Green Ports”, hoping to install 91.5MW solar power systems and 45MW wind energy systems at government-owned ports. In addition, a 200MW solar wind hybrid plant will be constructed at Kandla port of Gujarat in western India. Besides generating electricity, it can be used for research in the future.

(Picture Credit: India Cochin Airport)

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