Swancor and Formosa III Posted Nearly 100 Job Vacancies in Changhua Job Fair

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Swancor and Formosa III participated the press conference of Changhua county government's job fair on March 22. In order to fulfill the promises of developing local talents, Swancor and Formosa III would post 94 job vacancies in the Changhua-county-government- hosted job expo in Nanguo elementary school on March 24. Changhua county residents will be preferred in terms of recruitment.

Swancor pointed out, since it was established in 1992, it devoted to developing eco-friendly and corrosion-resistant materials and wind turbine blade materials. Therefore, Swancor takes a good market share of these segments in China and Taiwan. Not only that, Swancor is the pioneer of offshore wind power generation systems in Taiwan. For the outlook of offshore wind power, Swancor's global market share and amount of high-end professional talents will both grow by multiple folds.

Formosa III will be co-invested by Swancor, Macquarie Capital and EnBW. This investment case will be finished after being reviewed by EU.

There are three wind farms of Formosa III. The total installation capacity is predicted to reach 2,000 MW. When Formosa III is being developed, constructed, operated and maintained, it is projected to hire about 165 employees. The number of related industry chain professionals participating in the Formosa III project is estimated to come to 1,250. In order to create developmental opportunities for local talents and to support human resources of long term maintenance needs, Formosa III will mostly recruit Changhua residents.

Swancor said, by 2025, Swancor and its partners will co-install 2.6 GW offshore wind power systems. The total investment amount will be about NT $450 billion. In particular, Formosa II's total installation capacity will be 300~500 MW. This project is predicted to finish by 2020. When it comes to Formosa III, its total installation capacity will be about 2,000 MW.

Robert Tsai, the Chairman of the Board and President of Swancor, expressed that since he founded the company in 1992, he mainly hired local residents as employees. In the past three years, when Swancor and Macquarie Capital co-developed the offshore wind power systems in Taiwan, Mr. Tsai's profound understanding of the necessity for localizing wind power industries grew further.

Formosa III is registered as a Changhua company in 2017 for four purposes. First, to deepen its collaboration relation with domestic supply chain. Next, to pass the following training and experiences to domestic talents: for wind farm development, operation and maintenance. Third, to transfer European technology and experiences to Taiwanese industry. Fourth, to build talent pools for Southeast Asia and North Asia markets.

 (Photo credit: Swancor)

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