Grid-Connection Volume of New Green Power Hit Will 150 MW in 2019

published: 2018-11-28 17:33 | editor: | category: News

Having settled several new projects in Yunlin and Chiayi area recently, PV power system firm New Green Power Co., Ltd. expects to double its revenue in 2019, when its grid-connection volume will increase by 150 MW.

As of one of first-batch Taiwanese PV system firms foraying into the Japanese market, New Green Power has attained a number of major achievements since its founding in 2012, including a PV power system in Yungan detention pond in Kaohsiung, the largest floating PV system in Taiwan, a rooftop thin-film PV system in Suao of Yilan County, the largest of its kind on the island, a rooftop thin-film PV system atop the No. 4 warehouse in Suao Harbor of Yilan, and a PV power station at Mitsui Outlet Park in Taichung Harbor, scheduled for launch by the end of 2018, and a ground-mounted PV power station in Wenshan landfill of Taichung City.

Several new projects have been settled recently, including a 15-16 MW rooftop PV power system in the premises of CSBC Corp., Taiwan, a 35 MW floating PV power system in Hsinwen detention pond, and several ground-mounted PV power stations in land-subsidence area in Yunlin and Chiayi, which, plus some overseas projects, will boost the company's new grid-connection volume to 150 MW in 2019.

Tan Yu-hsuan, director of New Green Power, pointed out that the company spent two years persuading some 1,500 landlords of the aforementioned sites to sign contracts with it.   

Yang Meng-han, chairman, stressed the company's vertical operation, covering construction, development, and maintenance, an edge over other local PV system firms.

(Collaborative media: TechNews, first photo is an illustration, courtesy of New Green Power)

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