Economics Ministers Reassures Validity of Offshore Wind Power Policy

published: 2019-01-07 11:44 | editor: | category: News

Following failure of the four offshore wind power developers, namely Ørsted, CIP, Hailung, and China Steel, to clear the screening of Changhua County government by the end of 2018 and secure NT$5.8 kWh wholesale rate for 2018, Shen Jong-chin, economics minister, reiterated on Jan. 3 the government's determination to push offshore wind power, pledging to help the developers solve their problems.

Shen made the remark, in response to the backlash of the developers to the stance of the new county government, including announcement by Ørsted on Jan. 2 to suspend all offshore wind power development projects in Taiwan.

Shen noted that the ministry will intensify communications with the new county government, so that it can understand the potential contribution of offshore wind power operations to the local economy. He also said that Ørsted's announcement is understandable, as the latter needs time to understand the prospects of its projects under the new condition.

Shen expressed that the ministry has received opinions from various parties in its deliberation of the 2019 wholesale rate, urging the developers to offer their opinions with the backing of solid proof.

(First photo courtesy of Pixabay) 

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