The World's Largest Hydrogen Filling Station Goes Up in Shanghai

published: 2019-06-11 13:42 | editor: | category: News

On June 5, the world's largest hydrogen filling station was inaugurated in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, giving a strong boost to the development of hydrogen fuel cell cars in the city.

Occupying 8,000 square meters in space, the station boasts a daily supplying capacity of two tons and also offers the services of maintenance of fuel-cell cars and battery charging.

The station is part of the "development plan for fuel-cell cars," unveiled by the Shanghai government in 2017, which calls for the establishment of 5-10 hydrogen filling stations for serving 3,000 fuel-cell cars by 2020. It's a boon for the local fuel-cell car industry, which has secured a firm foothold since its inception in 2003.

In 2018, SAIC Motor signed a strategic agreement with Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Administration for establishing a pioneering fuel-cell car and hydrogen energy pilot base in the city.

Moreover, in May 2019 the "development plan for Yangtze River hydrogen corridor" was unveiled, calling for the pushing of hydrogen fuel-cell cars and construction of four hydrogen-fuel high-speed pilot roads in Shanghai.


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