eMoving Supersonic Electric Scooter iE125 Launched: Top Speed at 100 km/h

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China Motor has released their new electric scooter eMOVING iE125, with a top speed of 100 km/h, on July 19, which became an instant star in the market.

iE from iE 125 stands for intelligent electricity as well as industrial engineering. 125, on the other hand, stands for the performance and maneuvering of 125cc class scooters. The iE125 has a safe speed of 100 km/h. It can go from 0 to 50 km/h in less than 3.9 seconds. The maximum speed at a 30% slope is 32 km/h. After being fully charged, the iE125 has a cruising range of 155 km under 30 km/h. The cruising range at TES variable speed is 82 km. The super fast charging function is supported. After charging for 10 minutes, you can charge up to 50% of its capacity, of which the cruising range is 78 km.

The iE125 weighs 124 kg including the batteries, which is equipped with a combined braking system (CBS) and an IP rating of IP68. There are three driving modes available for consumers to use in different situations: ECO, SPEED and BOOST. The special electric parking function puts the scooter on the center kickstand by merely a push of a button. The scooter owners no longer need to worry about mounting it manually. QC 3.0 USB charging dock is allocated for easy charging while riding.

eMoving iE125 in blue


eMoving iE125 in white.


eMoving iE125 in orange


eMoving iE125 in silver

The Executive model of the iE125 has a color LCD screen for its dashboard screen, while the Deluxe and Flagship models have automotive-grade TFTs. The Deluxe and Flagship models are equipped with vehicle diagnostics that display body, power, battery and tire pressure on the dashboard and provide alerts and maintenance reminders. The dashboard can also be personalized. The owner is free to change the dashboard themes and wallpaper.

The iE125 Deluxe and Flagship models feature a remote-controlled anti-theft central locking system, which you can lock, unlock and open the seat via the smartphone. The iOS version of the app supports instant call reminders, and incoming calls and message notifications are instantly displayed. The Flagship model also features a built-in world-facing dashcam and tire pressure detector to further ensure safe driving.

The dashboard can display a variety of vehicle information.

eMOVING categorizes charging into three types for distinctly different needs. The household type can meet the everyday charging needs. 50% of the power can be filled up in about 160 minutes. The fast charging station is for replenishing the electricity while the owner is shopping or dining. 50% of power can be replenished in about 30 minutes. The supercharging station is for temporary relay charging on the road, which 50% of power can be replenished in about 10 minutes.

Consumers can choose their own battery rental solutions. eMOVING also provides battery warranties. The Basic plan, which involves charging at home, costs $399 per month. The Intermediate plan costs $599 per month, which offers an extra 100 minutes of supercharging. The Advanced plan offers unlimited supercharging for only $799 a month. In order to promote supercharging, the customers on the Intermediate and Advanced plans can enjoy unlimited supercharging for only $499 a month before December.

China Motor is expected to build more than 70 fast charging stations in December and more than 150 fast charging stations in June 2020. Early partners include KFC, Carrefour, Shunyi and Fortune Motors. China Motor also announced the donation of five supercharging stations to the Taoyuan City Government. The owners of electric vehicles complying with the generic requirements for fast charging can enjoy free charging in the future. 

China Motor also announced the donation of five supercharging stations to the Taoyuan City Government

eMOVING has launched a promotion campaign, where you can get a NT$5000 discount if you make a purchase by the end of October. The customers get to use the full amount of the discount on the purchase of the vehicle itself or the accessories. The iE125 is available in blue, white, silver and orange for consumers to choose from. The Executive model costs NT$73,800, the Deluxe model NT$79,800, and the Flagship model NT$85,800. Taoyuan City offers the highest subsidy, where you can get up to NT$29,000 worth of subsidy for replacing the two-stroke scooters with electric ones. With the said NT$5,000 discount for a purchase by end of October, you can get an Executive model for as low as NT$39,800, a Deluxe model for NT$45,800 and a Flagship model for NT$51,800.

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