GMP and Sunrun Jointly Push PV Power Storage Project

published: 2019-09-18 0:30 | editor: | category: News

Green Mountain Power (GMP), a utility firm from Vermont of the U.S., is pushing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) battery storage program which will incorporate the Brightbox residential PV power + energy storage program of Sunrun.

Sunrun points out that its program can offer customers backup power supply that is good for 12-hour use, adding that they can now apply to join GMP’s BYOD program, in order to obtain the approval for the installation of the energy storage system. GMP officially rolled out the BYOD program in 2018, after securing an exclusive cooperative relationship with Tesla.

The company has been investing handsomely in order to convert its power supply for its 265,000 residential and business customers in Vermont to green energy entirely by 2030.

It is currently planning to also offer customers a 10-year advance payment for the installation of the battery storage system at US$850/kilowatt.

Sunrun points out that its battery storage system is especially valuable for residents in Vermont, which suffers from the second longest period of power outage, next to Montana, in a year in the U.S.

A battery storage system can greatly facilitate power-supply management. During a heat wave in July 2018, GMP attained power savings worth US$500,000 in value an hour, thanks to its 500 Tesla Powerwell battery storage systems, which reduced power demand during the period. GMP is one of the utilities firms which have embraced residential battery storage systems in the U.S.

In May of this year, GMP officially launched a trial program for installing battery storage systems at the sites of its users. The program will include 250 customers and 250 suppliers of GMP, which will install two Tesla Powerwell battery energy storage systems for the former, emulating the practice of Sunrun. The latter has provided such systems to its customers in nine states and Puerto Rico.


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