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Make Your Tesla EV Charging Easier and Cheaper With a New Dutch App

published: 2019-12-21 0:00

Charging electrical vehicles has never been an easy feat. Sometimes the charging stations are not working properly. The demand charge from peak use is making the matters worse. Fear not, a new app from the Netherlands is here to the rescue.

Image by Blomst from Pixabay

Jedlix is a Dutch start-up that has launched a smart EV charging app in the Netherlands and Belgium with success. Now it will be launched in France.

With this smart EV charging app, the drivers of Tesla, Renault and BMW EV could avoid the peak time when they want to charge their vehicles.


The App Advises When It Is the Best (Cheapest) Time to Charge While the Users Earn Financial Rewards

This app can advise the car owners when it is the best time to charge their EV.

Jedlix partnered up with local renewable energy suppliers and solar developers. Due to their partnership, the app users can receive a financial reward of 2 eurocent per kWh.

The Dutch smart charging app monitors the renewable energy generation and electricity consumption activities.


Taking into account of every user having different needs and preferences, the app also allows the users to customize their experience.

For example, they could add their home addresses, departure times and more. This could help the app determine when it is the most ideal time for this particular user to charge.


Smart Charging Is Vital to Grid Balancing and Energy Transition

When the majority of the EV drivers charge up their cars at the same time, it could overload the network, which will lead to more demand charges.

To counter this problem, more charging stations may be needed

The Dutch smart charging app could help

  • Reduce the investments in grid infrastructure
  • Mitigate network congestion
  • Peak shaving

Jedlix provides incentives to its users to charge at off-peak periods by providing them cheaper rates for charging and financial rewards ranging from €5 and €30.

This facilitates grid balancing and reduces the need to install more charging capacity to accommodate the peak demand that is variable in nature.

The charging app makes EV charging light and breezy, which is beneficial to the EV adoption.

The higher EV adoption is, the less dependent the drivers are to the traditional gas stations, which could smooth the process of energy transition.



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