Eagle Global Advisors Announces The Launch of RENEW, A Globally Focused Renewables Infrastructure Index

published: 2020-02-21 18:00 | editor: | category: News

HOUSTONFeb. 18, 2020 

Eagle Global Advisors is pleased to announce the launch of RENEW, a globally focused renewables infrastructure index with exposure to wind, solar, hydro and transmission line assets.

RENEW is the first-to-market for an emerging asset class characterized by a rapidly growing investor base who desires access to "clean" energy infrastructure investments while also generating income and diversification to traditional equities. Constituents in RENEW are companies whose stocks trade globally in OECD countries. The index is offered on a price return basis (RENEW) and a total return basis (RENEWTR). Eagle Global also provides a similar index focused on North America under the tickers RENEWNA (price) and RENEWNAT (total return).

"Renewables infrastructure is an emerging and underappreciated asset class we believe underpins the mega-trend towards a more sustainable future. The Eagle Global Renewables Infrastructure Index (ticker: RENEW) provides an outlet for tomorrow's investors to plug into, and further unlock financial markets to help facilitate the expansion of renewable energy," says Michael Cerasoli, CFA, portfolio manager.

Eagle Global Advisors

Eagle Global Advisors was founded in 1996 by Edward AllenThomas Hunt and Steven Russo and has been 100% employee owned since inception.  The firm has a long history of managing infrastructure, international and domestic strategies.  Today, the firm manages $2.6 billion for institutional and high net worth individuals and employs 34 professionals.  To learn more about Eagle Global Advisors, please visit www.eagleglobal.com.


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