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ASES Virtual Solar Conference

published: 2020-05-06 13:30

SOLAR 20/20: Renewable Energy Vision.

First ASES Virtual Solar Conference | June 24 & 25, 2020.

Accelerating adoption of renewable energy through ingenuity, partnership and action


Learn more and register for SOLAR 20/20: Renewable Energy Vision at ases.org/conference.

Join the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) for their very first virtual conference, SOLAR 20/20: Renewable Energy Vision, June 24 and 25, 2020. By converting the conference to a virtual event, they are making sure everyone is staying safe from COVID-19 and opening up the conference to a much larger community, magnifying the visibility worldwide, and greatly decreasing the carbon footprint of the event. Originally set in Washington D.C., participants will now be joining online and engaging in important discussions on policy, technological progress, finance, storage, grid interconnectivity, community solar, education, and more.


Now, more than ever before, we are in dire need to accelerate the transformation to a renewable energy world. The worldwide disruptions caused by the pandemic provides opportunities for rebuilding a better, healthier world. Discussions on infrastructure to move forward will be central to the conference.

Registrants will participate on a completely virtual platform and will start by entering our virtual lobby where participants can then choose to go to a fully interactive networking lounge or an exhibitor hall where are sponsors will be able to chat and share downloadable content with attendees. Another option in the lobby will be to enter the virtual auditorium where participants can attend a wide variety of live sessions or watch them later as all sessions will be recorded. Learn more and register by May 29 for the Early Bird discount at ases.org/conference.

In addition to keynotes addressing global strategies, sessions will cover policy successes at the local, state, and national levels, public education and workforce development innovations, technology advances, and strategies to optimize economic and environmental wellbeing through renewable energy.

he Solar Citizen Action day will be on June 25 and will feature a Policymaker Interaction Forum. The Forum will provide guidance on how to approach policymakers. This guidance will include presentations by Lynn Abramson of the Clean Energy Business Network, Ruth McCormick with The Business Council for Sustainable Energy, and Robert Corwin with the Union of Concerned Scientists. These speakers will share what is working in their lobbying and advocacy efforts and the policies that will be most effective in this particularly disruptive time. The full conference schedule with speakers, sessions, and moderators can be found online at ases.org/conference/schedule. Join us for this path-setting virtual event!

Being a sponsor of ASES' SOLAR 20/20 Virtual Conference provides even greater visibility as the conference will be accessible throughout the year online. ASES is offering a wide range of high value sponsorships starting at $1,500. Don't miss this exceptional chance to have prominent exposure at ASES' first virtual solar conference. If you are interested in sponsoring, please visit ases.org/sponsorsolar2020 or contact sales@ases.org to get started.

Register for SOLAR 20/20 to join the discussion.

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