Tesla’s Cybertruck Almost Did Not Fit Inside the Tunnel as Depicted in the Latest Footage

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Tesla’s Cybertruck has been the talk of the town since its debut last year, and is expected to be available at the end of 2021. The Cybertruck was demonstrated recently on a US automotive show, where it was driven into the high speed tunnel underneath the headquarters of SpaceX, in addition to showcasing more of its details.

American talk show host Jay Leno is a car fanatic, and his show <Jay Leno’s Garage> has invited the viral Tesla Cybertruck this time.

About Cybertruck

  • 5.89m in length, 2.08m in width, and 1.90m in height
  • 3.81m of wheelbase
  • Fully equipped with bulletproof windows, cold rolled stainless steel plate bodywork
  • Currently accepting global online preorder, and is expected to launch at the end of 2021

Real Vehicle Analysis

Tesla invited partial media to go on test rides on the day of Cybertruck’s announcement, though its details were not shown clearly due to the time of the day. We are now able to see more intriguing details of the vehicle in this video.

The darker color in the top half of the windshield indicates some sort of special treatment that may be designed as a shade for the vehicle, where the windows are also designed with gradient colors, for which the reflective design of these windows may produce relatively well shading effect by exempting Cybertruck from applying insulation films.

The fully enclosed wheels of the Cybertruck claim to possess the ability to effectively reduce wind resistance and elevate the vehicle’s driving range according to the previous coverage, which is an important element to the vehicle that strives to achieve the maximum driving distance of 800km.

The Cybertruck has a yoke-like control instead of the conventional steering wheel, with one scroll wheel on either side, and there are no other buttons, which may be a strange sight to most owners. Although it seems like there is no button in the middle section, there should be a hidden horn button, and that will probably be one of the few things that Tesla avoids altering in the short run.

The cargo space at the bed of the truck is configured with an electronic rolling door that protects luggage when it’s rolled up, where Musk stood on in the video to demonstrate just how durable the vehicle is. Though the substandard assembling quality of Tesla has been known for a while now, and it is not recommended for further Cybertruck owners to attempt on such action.

From this angle we can see that the interior space of the Cyber is considerably spacious, where there are more than enough spaces above Musk and Leno (188cm and 180cm respectively) when the two are sitting inside the vehicle, with adequate moving space in front of Musk’s knees. The extra seat in the middle is designed to fit another passenger when it’s necessary, though the sitting space is more than enough when there are just two passengers at the front.

The two turned into the high speed underground tunnel excavated by Boring Company, another company of Musk, after driving in the city for a while. Leno looked terrified as he drove the enormous Cybertruck into the compact tunnel with his neck stretched out the whole time, worrying if he will damage the tunnel (not the vehicle).

The high speed tunnel allows electric vehicles to reach up to 120 miles, possible 200 miles, per hour, according to the initial planning of the project. Musk wishes to elevate the traffic efficiency for the tunnels within the metropolitan area, though seeing how the Cybertruck is barely fitted inside the tunnel, the high speed acceleration may have to depend on the computer.

Some despise the Cybertruck, others absolutely love it. One thing is for sure, it is massive, and is even longer and wider than a Hummer, which may still be acceptable in the US, whereas for cities in other countries, driving may become cumbersome. Tesla recently commented that the company will not manufacture a smaller Cybertruck, though it is in the midst of planning for a small electric vehicle to offer to the Asia and Europe markets.

 (Photo source: video screenshots)

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