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Eaton Officially Initiates Its High-Tech Plant and Power Quality Laboratory That Provides Tailored UPS Solutions

published: 2020-07-15 18:30

Amidst the era of information explosion, the operation of data centers and cloud services has resulted in an elevation of power, and the importance of power support and adjustment has been growing increasingly. Having noticed the industry’s urgent demand in the proper utilization of power, Eaton announced on the 9th of July the official initiation of its first “High-tech Plant and Power Quality Laboratory” in Taiwan.

Eaton decided to reinforce its development in Taiwan by implementing R&D and commencing construction for the laboratory since the beginning of 2020, and managed to complete the construction under the pandemic. The laboratory will be simulating possible power consumption scenarios for various industrial demands, including data centers, high-tech production, and bank branches, before designing tailored power solutions at the end.

Gong Hong-hua, General Manager of Eaton Taiwan, pointed out that the Eaton laboratory has integrated with the Taiwan research team, and will be focusing on efficient energy conservation, predictive maintenance of big data, and uninterruptible power and power storage system. The specific plant is also one of the highest grade of factories in the world, and is able to produce the grand uninterruptible power system (UPS) of Eaton, which satisfies local clients in Taiwan and facilitates exports.

As industrial power consumption in Taiwan reached new heights, the demand for power quality from enterprises is also on a continuous ascension, and the laboratory has been expanding the service experience of Eaton simultaneously. Lin Cheng-hao, R&D Manager of Eaton Taiwan, pointed out that UPS consists of multiple functions that can adjust parameters according to the needs of the clients in the midst of increasingly rigorous demand in power quality, or implement function development, before eventually moving onto verification and testing.

The Eaton laboratory is equipped with precision instruments, such as X-ray detector and the character curve analyzer for semiconductor switches, in order to conduct analysis and study regarding the components and parts of UPS equipment, which detect the degree of deterioration as well as the forecast period of replacement and maintenance for various parts, so as to update equipment without suspending the production line and reduce the risk of sudden malfunction that would maintain the production capacity.

Eaton commented that the actual evaluation in cost and effectiveness in the laboratory is able to conduct a more flexible power adjustment under the objectives and requirements of the energy policy, and further transforms the UPS that is initially part of the equipment cost for enterprises into an important asset in energy conservation that saves substantial power costs for enterprises.

In accordance with the Large Electricity Consumer Clause, Eaton has released the Eaton PowerXpert 9395 UPS solution that is capable of energy storage and system performance upgrade, and is optimal for medium and large data centers and the field of semiconductor. The UPS solution can be directly combined with the power grid for operation, and possesses advantages of suppressing harmonic waves, adjusting power factors, and conserving electricity tariff under a high energy conservation operation, as well as the protection function on operational malfunction and the testing function on the autologous capacity of the power cycle.

 (Cover photo source: captured by <TechNews>)

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