What Do We Know So Far About Suzuki’s New Electric Scooter eReady That Is Making Its Debut Soon?

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Suzuki is about to launch its brand new electric scooter eReady in advance on August 13th, which serves as the debut of the new brand, and is also the first product after the company had joined the Powered by Gogoro Network, making it an anticipated piece among fans. Before its official reveal, let us check out some of the circulated rumors regarding eReady.

The current electrification arrangement of various major scooter manufacturers in Taiwan is divided into 3 directions, the first being the charging system of Kymco and CMC, and the second being the Powered by Gogoro Network (PBGN) led by Gogoro. The third is the new system collaborated by SYM and CPC that is yet to be revealed.

Suzuki is the latest member to join the PBGN alliance. The company had previously released a small charging vehicle that was also named eReady, which is the twin of CMC’s EM-50. The new eReady will be a pristine product.

We must understand something first before talking about eReady. No other manufacturers except Gogoro from the PBGN alliance have planned to release a second model as of now; the two versions of Ai-1 of Aeon Motor are currently only segmented by production lines, and manufacturers like YAMAHA and PGO are not even planning to modify their products since their targets are focused on merely one electric scooter.

What sets Suzuki’s eReady apart from the rest is that the company had declared on the first press conference that it will adhere to the long-term target of releasing 3 models before 2021, and a total of 7 models before 2025, which indicates the manufacturer’s ambition in serious development on this market.

The power of the first generation eReady is expected to be similar to that of Gogoro 2, and it may be possible for Suzuki to release a low-end version (6.4kW), high-end version (7.6kW), and a high-end ABS version all at once under the existing environment.

One of the reasons that Gogoro received positive feedbacks after its launch is the numerous smart functions it offers. This is something Aeon Motor is rapidly catching up on as well, as evidenced by its decision to promote the function of voice initiation. In response to its rivals' moves, eReady COO Lin Chin-hsien commented, “we will offer what others have offered, along with some additional surprises.”

eReady had been releasing partial design photos to tantalize everyone for the past two months. We have organized all of the teaser photos released by eReady. Let us take a peek at this mysterious scooter.

The two lines on the lateral side of the scooter not only create a streamline posture, but also echo with the brand’s logo. According to the company, the new eReady will adopt a “narrowed body” design, and a fixed rear seat pedal that allows the back-seat passengers to tuck in their legs and knees in order to maintain a low center of gravity, which facilitates additional stability when turning.

The new eReady has a bow tie-like linear taillight design, which the company claimed is a tribute to the design of a luxury sedan, and you probably would have guessed the brand’s name. (Hint: European luxury car)

What we are more curious about is whether the scooter will adopt centralized shock absorption due to its small and elevated rear-end seen from the ratio.

Although Suzuki emphasizes that the scooter will undergo multiple precise inspections and calibrations before delivery, we are more concerned about whether the windshield at the handler means that the scooter will have exposed handles.

This is the last teaser of Suzuki’s eReady, which shows the front shot of the scooter, where the focus is placed on the two circular headlights, and the scooter is parked alongside the tribute vehicle to the right, rendering quite a poised imitation.

Despite the noticeable headlights, the fixed rear seat pedal somewhat hinders the overall streamline of the scooter as seen from the lateral side in the darker portion of the picture. Furthermore, it is highly possible that the scooter will come with exposed handles if you look closely at the handler.

Nonetheless, this first generation eReady serves as the entry into the PBGN alliance for Suzuki, and it is expected to offer quite a substantial amount of required functions, though its price may remain as the primary concern. We shall wait and see the final reveal from the press conference on August 13th.

 (Photo source: eReady)

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