Aggreko Completes the First Battery Energy Storage Project for the Largest Electric Coop in the US

published: 2020-11-09 18:30 | editor: | category: News

Aggreko, a multinational company that specializes in generation hire, stated in a press release on October 28 that it has finished the setup of the first energy storage project for Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC). The project, which consists of a 2.25MW (4.5MWh) battery storage system, is located in Johnson City, Texas. It is another example of Aggreko’s wide range of mobile and modular power solutions.

According to the press release, the Johnson City project features several key proprietary technologies that are under Aggreko’s possession. These include the power electronic converter that connects the project to the grid as well as the intelligent software and controls system that the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) uses to monitor and manages the project. ERCOT is a grid operator that also provides services related to market-based regulations in the state.

Also headquartered in Johnson City, PEC is the largest electric cooperative in the US. Its intention behind the commissioning of this project is to assess the benefits of battery energy storage systems. If the project yields successful results, then PEC may consider installing more battery energy storage systems in the future.

Julie C. Parsley, CEO of PEC, said that Aggreko is not simply offering a reliable and affordable source of power for the members of the cooperative. It technologies are going to support PEC in the management of the statewide grid.

Sriram Sarma Emani, VP of operations at Aggreko’s business unit for microgrid and energy storage, said that the Johnson City project demonstrates Aggreko’s capability in providing various solutions in the area of renewable energy. Emani further listed examples of Aggreko’s expertise in customized generation and storage projects, such as hybrid microgrids, solar-plus-storage packages, and large-scale grid emulation for solar and wind projects. In Texas, Aggreko has already completed a number of projects pertaining to energy storage, microgrid, and renewable energy. The energy storage system in Johnson City is the latest item added to its US portfolio.

While the Johnson City project is the first energy storage system that Aggreko provides to an electric cooperative in Texas, it is also the company’s sixth battery energy storage project in the same regional market. For example, Aggreko recently provided lithium-ion batteries for a 36MW energy storage facility at Notrees. That facility is also part of the largest wind-plus-storage project in North America.

Based in the UK, Aggreko has service locations across the globe. The products that it has developed for power generation, energy storage, and temperature control are designed to be modular, mobile, and scalable. Its business model mainly involves leasing equipment (e.g., temporary generation, storage, or air conditioning). At the same time, Aggreko emphasizes its service-oriented approach and the plug-and-play ability of its turnkey solutions.

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