PGO Releasing New Electric Scooter Ur2 that May be the Sister of Gogoro Viva

published: 2020-12-22 18:30 | editor: | category: News

The new electric scooter of PGO is finally coming. The Ur2 is expected to be available in March next year, and it looks like it could be the competitor for Viva.

PGO revealed the first photo for its brand new electric scooter Ur2 today, and emphasizes its features of “lightweight and performance”. The new scooter looks like it could be a lightweight electric scooter operating on a single battery.

The company did not provide any additional information apart from this photo, though we can kind of analyze this new scooter based on our rough understanding.

Pay attention to the red round cover and the horizontal metal structure on the rear wheel, and compare it to Gogoro Viva below, where you will see the striking resemblance.

The rear wheel and the handler of Gogoro Viva are similar to that of Ur2. (Source: Gogoro)

This means that Ur2 is likely to have adopted the rear hub motor like the Gogoro Viva, which only relies on a single battery. Despite the overall small horsepower, it will be more than enough for urban transportation.

Still not buying it? Look at the handler, where the exposed handles, as well as the location and design of the headlight, should convince you that these two are long lost sisters, if not twins.

Next, focus on the square design above the dashboard of Ur2, which is 87% similar to the wireless charging stand from GoShare, and PGO might be offering such set up as a standard configuration for the customers. However, the strap of this stand is prone to ruptures, and the subsequent repair will be troublesome, should it adopt the same design as that of GoShare.

Let’s think about something else after comparing the designs of the scooters. GoShare serves not only as a service provider, but also shoulders the responsibility in elevating the exposure of electric scooters, as well as acts as an important buyer of new scooters. Aeon Motor obtained the order of approximately 200 units of Ai-1 from GoShare in Tainan, and GoShare had incorporated Gogoro 3 into the fleet when it went online in New Taipei City, thus it will be reasonable if a new lightweight scooter became the new partner of GoShare alongside Gogoro Viva. In addition, GoShare is expected to march to Taichung or Kaohsiung during March next year, and going online with Ur2 then will definitely achieve a significant degree of exposure.

Gogoro Viva is often criticized for its traffic cone and umbrella bucket design, and now PGO has altered the exterior by adopting a more rounded design. If Ur2 is indeed a lightweight scooter as we expected, the pairing of the NT$299 unlimited usage for the first year will create a substantial market demand. As PGO is already quite experienced in the commuting and housewife market, this particular development is for sure worth the wait.

 (Photo source: PGO)

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